West Lindsey - Councillor Initiative Fund

Grants are available to support a wide range of community projects and activities in West Lindsey.

Current Status

Open for Applications

Maximum value:

£ 1,000

Objectives of Fund

The Fund aims to support a wide range of community projects and activities.

Value Notes

Each District Councillor has £4,000 to award between 2019 and 2023.

Grants of up to £1,000 are available. On average most awards made are between £100 and £500.

All grants will be a one-off grant with no ongoing funding support.

Match Funding Restrictions

No match funding is required for this scheme and up to 100% of project costs can be funded.

However, the local District Councillor may require some match funding before offering a grant. In-kind match funding is also very important. This includes volunteer time given to deliver the project.

Who Can Apply

The following types of organisations are eligible to apply:

  • Registered charities.
  • Community groups.
  • Town and parish councils.
  • Social enterprises
  • Voluntary sector organisations.
  • Community interest companies.
  • Companies limited by guarantee.
  • Faith and religious organisations, as long as the project is for wider community benefit.
  • Schools and academies, as long as the project is for wider community benefit.
  • The project must be within the district of West Lindsey and be for wider community benefit.

Organisations must have the following requirements:

  • A constitution or similar governing documents (excluding parish/town councils).
  • A bank account in the organisation's name.
  • Any additional supporting documents requested prior to making an offer.
  • Relevant policies/safeguards if the project involves children, young people or vulnerable adults.


Funding is not available for the following:

  • Informal groups or individuals.
  • Businesses or private sector organisations.
  • Local Authorities and other public service bodies.
  • Organisations delivering projects outside of West Lindsey.
  • Sole-use facilities, which are not open/accessible to the whole community.
  • Anything illegal.
  • Support to lobbying or campaign groups.
  • Anything that will bring the Council into disrepute.
  • Anything party political, including supporting political organisations.
  • Anything contrary to the Council’s financial regulations or Council policies.
  • Anything that an organisation or local authority has a statutory obligation to deliver.
  • Projects based/operating outside of West Lindsey unless they provide significant benefit to communities within West Lindsey.
  • Retrospective funding.

Eligible Expenditure

Funding is available for local community projects and activities that will be of wider community benefit.

Funding can be used for a wide range of projects and activity including but not limited to:

  • Community events such as street parties, a big lunch or litter picking days.
  • Setting up a new community activity such as a gardening club or residents group.
  • Undertaking small improvements to community assets such as painting a community room, buying equipment for a village hall or purchasing planters to improve the street scene.

All applicants must provide information about the positive outcomes that will be delivered for local communities and people.

Some examples of outcomes the project could achieve include:

  • Improved accessibility to a local facility.
  • People’s health and wellbeing is improved.
  • The local environment is improved or enhanced.
  • Local residents are engaged or better connected.

Grants can be used for the following costs:

  • Equipment hire or purchase.
  • Feasibility work.
  • Capital works or expenditure.
  • Training or capacity building.
  • Improvements to community facilities.
  • Environmental improvements.
  • Revenue costs of delivering a project.
  • Third party match funding.

How To Apply

Applications can be submitted at any time up until the scheme's closing date of 28 February 2023. (The fund may close sooner if funds are all awarded.)

Applicants should contact their local District Councillor to discuss their organisation and project.

If the local District Councillor agrees in principle to the request, they will provide an application form.


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